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GREENWOOD VILLAGE, CO – Recently Abolish ICE Denver, Denver Communists, and Denver Action Network announced they were planning a protest near the home of the Aurora ICE Processing Center’s Warden, Johnny Choate. Abolish ICE and the other associated groups are the same organizations responsible for unlawfully desecrating an American flag and raising a Mexican flag outside the Aurora ICE facility...


Elected Officials

Elected to the US Senate in 2014, Cory Gardner hails from Yuma County & has been serving Colorado since 2011.

United States Senate

Cory Gardner

2019a_sonnenberg, jerry.jpg

Jerry Sonnenberg is a Farmer/Rancher by trade and currently represents Colorado's 1st State Senate District.

Colorado Senate District-1

Jerry Sonnenberg


Elected to Congress in 2014, Ken Buck currently represents Colorado's 4th Congressional District.

U.S. House Of Representatives

Ken Buck

2019a_pelton, rod.jpg

Rod Pelton is a Rancher by trade and currently represents Colorado's 65th State House District.

Colorado House District-65

Rod Pelton



  • Chair: Jessie Vance

  • Vice-Chair: Greg Brophy

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Michelle Smith

Our County Elected Officials

  • Commissioner District 3: Robin Wiley

  • Commissioner District 1: Trent Brushner

  • County Clerk: Bev Wenger

  • County Sheriff: Todd Combs

  • County Assessor: Cindy Taylor

  • County Treasurer: De Ann Stults